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IP Locator

IP Address Details

My IP Address :
Organization :   
Host Name :   ec2-54-161-201-200.compute-1.amazonaws.com
Netspeed :   
Assignment :   
Remote Port :   24769
Status :   200

IP Address Geolocation

Country :   United States  
Country Code :   US
Region :   VA
Region Code :   VA
City :   Ashburn
Time Zone :   
Currency Symbol :   $

What is an IP address details?

What is an IP address details?

Every computer connected to the internet has a unique public address known as an IP address. The current IP address space (IPv4) consists of 4,294,967,298 addresses. Of these addresses some are reserved for private networks (about 18 million) and others for multicast (about 270 million), so in theory there can never be more than 4 billion computers and servers connected to the internet at any given moment. This is a limiting factor since there are about 7 billion people on earth. There is a new addressing schema being implemented (IPv6) that has 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 possible addresses..